Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tom Geoghan - painter, musician and volunteer

Tom Geoghan, a painter and musician was recently featured on Artists in the Blueline, a weekly talk radio show which airs on WSLP 93.3. Tom a retired teacher from New York City taught disadvantaged youth. Tom began painting later in life during a summer vacation. He devotes much of his time, now to painting, playing the saxophone and flute, and volunteering.

Tom and his wife Penny are experienced volunteers for the North Country Chapter of the American Red Cross. Tom and Penny have volunteered for many natural disasters on the east coast.

For many years I purchased Tom’s paintings in a small gallery in St. Lawrence County. At the time, I did not realize that the proceeds from the sale of his artwork are donated to the American Red Cross and other organizations in the upstate New York.

Tom’s objective in selling copies of his original artwork is to make the work affordable – the cost of a greeting card or close to it.
 I asked Tom what he wants to communicate through his paintings. “I want to burn their eyes with a flash of color.” When he said this, I realized that one of the reasons I had been so attracted to his work was the color factor.

Tom captures the essence of rural upstate New York with images of barns, farm scenes, and wildlife. "His work makes me feel at home in my heart. When I see his work - I feel connected with the landscape and culture of our region.” Judy O’Toole, host of Artists in the Blueline

Visit NBT Bank on Main Street in Lake Placid to see Tom's work in a special display. All proceeds collected from the sale of Tom Geoghan’s paintings will be donated to the North Country Chapter of the American Red Cross.

I am always interested in meeting with artists, musicians, and performers who live or spend time in the Adirondack region and surrounding communities. Contact Judy O'Toole at Email Here

The opening music "Tengo Todo" is performed by Piquant!

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  1. Tom Geoghan has been the inspiration of so many things up here in the North Country. He is a true friend. Susie Rice


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